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Water & Wastewater Industry

Plastic solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants, overflow water tanks, pools, fountains and hot tubs. 

PP plastic condensation storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks

PE and PP water storage tanks meet the requirements for drinking water so it is always a good choice to make sure that it will not be changed any time soon.

PP plastic storage tanks for water treatment plants

Chemical Storage Tanks

For water and Wastewater treatment there are some chemicals involved in treating the water, and to store chemicals, it is always advised to use PP or PE or other plastics.


Wastewater Storage Tanks

PP tanks are usually used in the wastewater treatment industry in Europe, any required equipment can be installed inside or a tank can be used as a simples sewage collection tank.

Water Treatment Plants 

Usually, tanks in the water treatment industry are made from PE (polyethene) or PP (polypropylene) materials. However, we can manufacture custom-made solutions for water treatment from any of these materials: PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP or FPA. Our storage tanks for water treatment are perfect for drinking water applications; also, they are highly resistant to corrosive liquids such as acids or alkalis. Moreover, it is more than an ideal solution for a salty environment, where seawater needs to be treated. Plastic water storage tanks would ensure a long-life solution by preventing saltwater corrosion and a harsh environment. 


  • Chemical Water Treatment 

  • Purification Systems 

  • Drinking-Water Storage Tanks 

  • Sea Water Desalination Plants 

  • Deionization Systems 

  • Dealkalisation Systems 

  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants 

  • NaOH (Caustic soda) Plastic Storage Tanks 

  • Hydrochloric acid (HCl) 

  • Industrial process water 

Wastewater Treatment Plants 

Tankplasta specialises in manufacturing wastewater collection custom made plastic storage tanks. Plastic storage solutions are a perfect and long-lasting solution for acidic and basic wastewater storage. It ensures that the Wastewater Treatment systems would not be affected by any corrosion or chemicals; it reduces maintenance costs. 


  • Acid-Alkaline Wastewater 

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants 

  • Wastewater for Galvanic Industry 

  • Wastewater for Chemicals Industry 

  • Wastewater for Pharmaceuticals Industry 

Overflow Water Tanks, Water Catchment 

Plastic water storage tanks are the perfect application for overflow water tanks as well as water catchment tanks. Plastic tank solutions ensure that water stays pure, safe and unpolluted. Excellent carrion resistance leads to low maintenance costs, long service life, reduced logistics costs because of the lightweight, and unlimited flexibility. We make custom-made solutions for you. Moreover, it is perfect for water overflow tanks and chemicals, wastewater, and other applications because of unique plastic features for chemical and corrosion resistance, high durability, and high rigidity in the upper temperatures.  


  • Spring Water Shaft/Catchment 

  • Rainwater Collection  

  • Chemical overflow tank 

  • Water overflow tank 

  • Overflow tanks for swimming pool 

Hot Tubs, Pools, Fountains 

Ducts and Ventilation Systems 

Ventilation systems of commercial swimming pools for competitions, municipalities, cities are usually exposed to much wet air mixed with chlorine. Chlorine causes corrosion in the ducts and ventilation systems. To solve this problem, Tankplasta manufactures plastic ducts and ventilation systems, which are corrosion free and long-lasting solution for swimming pools and spa buildings. Plastic ventilation systems and ducts provide low maintenance costs as well as easy cleaning and non-sticking surface. Ventilation systems and ducts for swimming pools and SPAs are made from PE (polyethene) or PP (polypropylene). 

Pool, Tub, Fountain 

Do you think about getting yourself a swimming pool or a hot tub in your backyard? Plastic swimming pools, hot tubs or fountains are perfect for you, because it ensures long lifetime, easy maintenance, excellent resistance for corrosion and simple cleaning. Chemicals used for swimming pools maintenance are pretty aggressive and can easily damage metal and concrete. This is why plastic pool, tub, overflow tank or fountain is more than worth considering. Outdoor or indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, whirlpools are usually made from safe, hygienic, non-toxic polyethene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).  

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