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Ultra-High Purity Storage Tanks

Ultra-Pure Water Storage Tank 

The storage tanks can be constructed using AGRU's extruded PVDF sheets, welding rod and small diameter PVDF pipes and fittings. 

Static dimensioning and manufacturing of the tanks according to the DVS guidelines 2203-2207 can be done by our Tankplasta company.  

All welding seams have to be ultra-smooth ones (in particular for UHPW applications). 

  • Products in PVDF are produced out of the highest grade raw materials, which are very pure.  

  • Tankplasta used PVDF plastic sheets are very clean, and unlike many other plastics, they do not require the use of stabilisers, plasticisers, lubricants or flame-retardant additives (thanks to the chemical inertness of the PVDF polymer chains) 

  • AGRU, the plastics manufacturer, which Tankplasta uses for storage solutions manufacturing, has the know-how in processing such raw materials to end products, which also meet the requirements on the highest purity 

  • PVDF sheets in natural colour are excellent  products  for the storage  of ultra-pure water and other chemically pure fluids used in the semi-conductor-and pharmaceutical industry 

Industrial Process Water Storage Solutions 

Given its good thermal and chemical resistance, PVDF plastic is used as a lining for pipes and system parts, also storage tank manufacturing. As it can be made very pure, it can be used in processes such as chip production for pipe and storage systems for conveying very pure media like ultrapure water. Tankplasta manufactures storage tanks and lines glass-fiber, concrete and steel tanks in PVDF. Therefore, it is possible to reliably supply customers who have applications involving extremely high chemical loads or very stringent purity requirements. 

Pure process water  

Steel storage tanks for process water are not the best solution. They cannot deliver the required level of purity due to leaching behaviour and the presence of metallic ions. PVDF, a high-performance plastic, is the perfect replacement material. It has excellent chemical and leaching resistance compared to metallic materials.  

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