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Tankplasta can manufacture scrubbers according to your specifications from chemical-resistant plastics such as PP-H, ECTFE supplied by Agru. 

Hydrogen bromide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid are highly aggressive chemicals formed during the condensation of certain industrial exhaust gases in chemical processing companies.   

The neutralisation of industrial exhaust gases is a laborious matter. The contaminated exit air arising in the production of certain chemicals must often be cleaned in a "scrubber" before it is emitted into the environment. Chemical companies might use internally rubberised steel tanks filled with plastic balls for the task. At a specific temperature, the gas might condense on the plastic balls and then collect at the bottom of the tank in liquid form. Although the cleaning of the exhaust air might work perfectly with this method, the rubberised inner lining of the tank might have to be serviced and partly renewed at relatively short intervals due to the aggressiveness of the medium.


To eliminate these cost-intensive maintenance intervals and increase plant availability, Tankplasta might offer a long-term and reliable solution by using the extremely chemical-resistant fluoroplastic ECTFE. 

Specifically for alkaline solutions (like NaOH), ECTFE shows an excellent chemical resistance compared to other partially fluorinated materials (e.g. PVDF). The material can also withstand 98% sulfuric acid at a temperature of 60 °C, to which it might be exposed in the drying tower. 

Advantages of fluoroplastics used by Tankplasta for extreme applications: 

Due to their high chemical resistance and broad operating temperature range, the fluoroplastics PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA are ideal for high-end applications in apparatus construction and plant engineering. The following properties characterise the fluoroplastics: 

  • Very high chemical resistance 

  • Outstanding temperature stability between -200 °C and +260 °C 

  • Excellent weldability and thermoformability 

  • Good anti-adhesive qualities due to extremely low surface tension 

  • Cost-effective exhaust air purification thanks to ECTFE scrubbers 

  • Reduced lifecycle costs through ECTFE 

  • The dual laminate construction lends the gas scrubber its high strength and robustness while simultaneously reducing its weight significantly compared to a solution with a steel tank. The inner lining of ECTFE offers long-term protection against exhaust gases and chemicals, increases operational reliability and only needs replacement after years of continuous duty. Due to its high operational reliability and long service life, the ECTFE scrubber offers the best price-performance ratio. In the long run, it has low costs for maintenance and repair. 

Plastic Tanks for Galvanic Plants 

In the course of those processes in galvanic production, acidic and basic waste is generated. This waste has to be stored in the tank. A collection tank made of Polyethylene PE-100 is a perfect solution. The tank can have a manhole, technological nozzles with connection flanges and other fastening elements. All PE 100 materials are ideal for such applications. 

Plastic Tanks for Steel Staining Plants 

PP-H Tanks 

The main activity of Tankplasta is the development and production of industrial tanks and equipment from chemical-resistant engineering thermoplastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, etc.). This results in high-quality equipment with a long service life that meets all occupational health and safety requirements. 

Liquid aluminium sulphate, a very acidic and aggressive medium, can be stored in the PP-H tank interior without pressure. The operating temperature can be 60° Celsius. These are, therefore, ideal working conditions for our material polypropylene. The tank can be made with hatches, nozzles with union flanges, fastening elements, seals, eyelets for lifting and mounting. For this purpose, our CNC milling machine can be used to make these parts and joined by manual extrusion welding. 

PP-H grey plastic tanks can be used for pickling steel wire. The polypropylene circulation tanks can be used to clean steel wire from the scale. In the pickling steel industry, the operating conditions in the etching bath with 20% hydrochloric acid and temperatures of 70° can be easily handled by our plastic tanks.  

PE tank for hydrochloric acid solution 

Tankplasta can manufacture tanks for aggressive applications from PE 100. The tanks can be equipped with hatches, the necessary nozzles with flanges, seals, fastening elements, eyes for lifting and mounting. Such tanks can hold and deliver a washing solution containing 5% hydrochloric acid at a temperature of 40°.  


Pontoons & Buoys

Plastic pontoons and Buoys can be set to various measurement according to the clients requirements. 

  • Made of UV-resistant polyethylene or polypropylene, anchored with chain poles and anchors. 

  • Plastic pontoons are used: 

  • in marinas and boats 

  • as zones of rest on water 

  • as platforms for stages and events 

  • as floating bridges and ferries. 

Ski, Snow & Wakeboard Parks 

In wake parks, snow parks and water skiing facilities, users on sliders, kickers and boxes take things right to the limit. Enjoyment must go hand in hand with safety, though. Designers need to build in features that are demanding, yet at the same time absolutely safe. Alongside a safe design without protruding edges and gaps, it is the surface in particular that is crucial. It must have very good slide properties, but not cause any stick-slip effects. We offer materials that are designed specifically for these requirements. They offer excellent slide properties and are resistant to wear and weathering, enabling you to design safe, long-lasting and user-friendly obstacles. 

Your advantages 

  • Great enjoyment thanks to excellent slide properties 

  • No stick slip effects 

  • Long-lasting, hard-wearing 

  • Almost no water absorption 

  • Easy processing allows features in many different forms 

  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to UV and weathering resistance 

Fuel Storage Tanks 

Company “Tankplasta” produces vertical diesel storage tanks. Diesel tanks are also designed for water storage, sewage and other chemical liquids. Diesel storage tanks are made of high density polyethylene PE-HD, corrosion-resistant, durable, lightweight, easy to transport, requiring no additional structures for set-up. 

  • Resistant to a variety of chemicals; 

  • Good corrosion characteristics; 

  • Vertical design reduces footprint; 

  • Low cost and quick to install 

  • Electrical insulation; 

  • Low weight; 

  • Recycling. 

Hot Tubs and Pools 

Made of UV-resistant polypropylene. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors. In winter time the pool is left filled with water, and it is possible to use it the whole year round. Manufactured in various shapes, customized according to client requests.  

Our company produces swimming pools made of  UV  resistant blue polypropylene sheets. Plastic swimming pools shape are tailored to customer requirements. 

The advantage of plastic swimming pools are simple and fast installation. These pools are easy to maintain and clean. 

We are producing outdoor hot tubs  made of blue or grey UV resistant polypropylene. The material is safe, hygienic and non-toxic, which is perfect for hot tubs. The bathtubs can be produced to the required diameter and are usually 1 meter high with installed polypropylene bench. 

The bathtubs usually are placed above ground and timber trimmed. The installation into the ground also possible, only the bathtub have to be covered with polystyrene foam. 

The outdoor hot tubs are heated with stainless steel firewood stove, what can be installed inside or outside the bathtub. 

The firewood stove, when installed outside, makes more space in the bathtub. And during the summer the bathtubs can be used like a swimming pool. For pleasure staying in the bathtub, the comfortable temperature is about +37 Co . 

This temperature is reachable in 3-4 hours heating. 


Tankplasta can manufacture bio-gas filter for the passive degassing of landfill facilities. This new technology allows gases from landfill sites to be treated in an environmentally compatible manner. Bio gas filter offers the ideal solution for this application. 

The filter system is built into the landfill body and removes contaminants from the lean gas passing through it. The interior of the landfill gas filter is filled with biologically active bark mulch. 

Passive biofilter systems offer landfill operators an environmentally friendly option for discharging treated lean gas to the atmosphere. They also deliver economic benefits, since they can be operated and maintained at a very low cost. Numerous studies have demonstrated that bio filters help to minimize aftercare expenditure relating to landfill operations due to their low investment, operating and maintenance costs. 

With its landfill gas filter made of electrically conductive polyethylene (PE-EL), Tankplasta has developed an environmentally friendly product and added an innovative and ecologically valuable solution to its range of PE components. 

Fittings + Lamella Walls 

Tankplasta can manufacture any plastic material lamella walls, plastic fittings and plastic accessories according to your requirements.  

Oil Storage Tanks 

Tankplasta can manufacture food-grade oil storage tanks. Plastic solutions are the best option for such application as it is quick to deliver, lightweight, portable, and corrosion-free. Materials Tankpalsta is working with - meet the highest hygiene, purity and food standards. 

Alcohol Storage Tanks 

Tankplasta can manufacture alcohol storage tanks. Plastic solutions are the best option for such application as it is quick to deliver, lightweight, portable and corrosion-free. 


Tankplasta can manufacture Degassers designed to remove virtually all entrained gases, including H2S and corrosive oxygen. Plastic solutions are the best option for such application as it is quick to deliver, lightweight, portable and corrosion-free. 

Hot tub

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