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Plastic Tanks for the Chemical Process Industry

One of the key factors in favour of using plastic storage tanks in chemical plant construction is their very good resistance to a large number of aggressive chemicals.

With plastic tanks made of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and FPA we supply an extensive range of prodcuts to match highly demanding applications in the chemical process industry and help to counteract damage due to corrosion. Fluids containing electrolytes attack materials such as steel as they undergo electrochemical reactions. Tankplasta supplies premium-quality, chemically resistant thermoplastic storage tanks that help to extend the service life of equipment and, above all, improve operational safety.


Our plastic storage tanks made of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and FPA are used wherever extreme material stresses occur and conventional materials such as steel cannot cope or are uneconomical. Selection of the most suitable thermoplastic, with its specific properties and advantages, must always be made with regard to the process chemical. Chemicals range from critical substances to toxic substances. Therefore, the focus is always on strict safety precautions. 

Moreover, Tankplasta specialises in manufacturing ducts and ventilation systems from plastic, which has excellent chemical resistance and is corrosion-free. We can make PE ducts and ventilation, PP ducts and ventilation, PVDF ducts and ventilation, ECTFE ducts and ventilation, FEP ducts and ventilation, and FPA ducts and ventilation. 


PP and PE plastic custom manufactured industrial plastic solutions

Chemical tank and equipment construction 

There are different types of chemicals, which require different storage solution. Tankplasta specializes in PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE tanks manufacturing.

PVDF custom made plastic solutions for ultra high purity applications for pharma, labs and SEMICONs

Semiconductor industry 

The semiconductors industry requires ultra-high purity water, which has to be stored somewhere. Tankplasta uses ultra-high purity PVDF plastic to make storage for such applications.


Industrial effluent 

Industrial wastewater usually has a different kind of chemicals in it. That is why Tankplasta manufactures PE sewage storage tanks for different industries. 

PVDF tank for Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, food factories and laboratories

Laboratory construction

There is no same laboratory in the World, but some of the most advanced ones use high purity water. For this purpose, Tankplasta makes ultra-high purity plastic storage and ventilation solutions.

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