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Plastic offshore fishing systems
Plastic chemical storage tanks
Plastic food grade plastic storage solutions

Plastic storage solutions for the agriculture industry is the best possible solution as the place is usually humid what causes corrosion threat.

Plastic is an excellent choice for the chemical industry, as plastic solutions are highly resistant to different chemicals in different temperatures.

Plastic already has required certificates for the food and beverage industry to meet worldwide requirements so to have a long-lasting solution more companies are choosing it.

waste water
Special equipment in a scientific labora
Waterpark box

Plastic storage tanks for water, wastewater and chemicals required in this industry are years proved solution which surely works for years.

High purity water might be used in different industries and it requires special purity equipment in order to work as required and this is where high pure quality plastic comes in to help.

Galvanization industry, Fuel Storage, Dairies, Water & harbor construction, Advertising industry, Microelectronic Industry (Semiconductor, display, solar cell factories), Sports & Leisure.

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