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Other Industries

PE plastic ballast water filters

Ballast Water Filter

Tankplasta can make any required plastic solution according to your requirements - plastic ballast water filter, plastic silencers, plastics fittings and other plastic products.

PE and PP plastic ducts for ventilation systems in swimming pools and chemical factories

Plastic Ducts

Tankplasta specializes in PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE plastic ventilation solution for your required industry and supplies you with ducts, fittings, filters or grills.

many duct grills.jpg

Plastic Ventilation Grills and Fittings

Plastic Ventilation systems require different plastic fittings such as grills or silencers, which Tankplasta can easily make from any chosen plastic of yours.

Galvanization Industry 

Galvanic production is acidic, so to store acidic and basic waste, PE-100 storage tanks are recommended to use. Tanks can have a maintenance hole, technological nozzles with connection flanges and other fastening elements.  

Fuel Storage 

“Tankplasta” can produce vertical diesel storage tanks. Diesel tanks can also be designed for water storage, sewage and other chemical liquids. Diesel storage tanks are usually made of high-density polyethene PE-HD. PE tank is corrosion-resistant, durable, lightweight, easy to transport, requiring no additional structures for set-up. 

  • Resistant to a variety of chemicals; 

  • Good corrosion characteristics; 

  • Vertical design reduces footprint; 

  • Low cost and quick to install 

  • Electrical insulation; 

  • Low weight; 

  • Recycling. 

Water Harbor Construction 

Tankplasta can manufacture pontoons, floating constructions, bridges from plastic for marinas and boats, as zones of rest on the water, as platforms for stages and events, as floating bridges and ferries. 

Advertising Industry 

Efficient handling of materials is of paramount importance in the field of exhibition design. We can make lightweight modern exhibition stands and booths that are an eye-catcher. The breadth of the creative ideas of designers, architects and advertising agencies must be matched by the company's versatility, which can turn them into reality.


In Tankplasta, we offer to make a perfect solution according to your required design that allows you to point the way in the truest sense of the phrase. It opens up new avenues for the creative design and implementation of your advertising technology and fair stand construction ideas. 


Semiconductors Industry 

The semiconductor industry is well known for its stringent requirement regarding ultra-high purity of water and chemicals. Additionally, these chemicals are often very corrosive. Chemistries on these projects might include H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid), H2O2(Hydrogen Peroxide), K2CO3 (Potassium Carbonate), HNO3 (Nitric Acid), NH3(Ammonia) and HF (Hydrofluoric Acid), Ammonium Bifluoride (ABF), Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) gas and other. 

Tankplasta is a specialist in making plastic storage tanks, scrubbers, chimneys, baths, exhaust systems, ducts for any of the chemicals mentioned above and more from plastic PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA materials supplied by Agru. 

Tankplasta specialises in inlining the new storage tanks, scrubbers, baths, chimneys, exhaust systems or renovating old ones with plastic PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA materials supplied by Agru. 

Chip Factories 

Industrial process water is commonly used in Chip Factories. For these purposes, Tankplasta can manufacture Pipes, Storage Tanks, and other equipment from PVDF material, which has good thermal and chemical resistance perfect for this industry, supplied by Agru. PVDF, a high-performance plastic, is usually chosen as the material because it has excellent chemical and leaching resistance compared to metallic materials.


Also, it can be made very pure and used in processes such as chip production. PVDF pipe systems used for conveying and storing very pure media like ultrapure water. It is, therefore, possible to reliably supply customers who have applications involving extremely high chemical loads or very stringent purity requirements 


Aeroplanes, ships and boats 

Tankplasta is a specialist in making plastic storage tanks for ships, boats. Plastic storage tanks for fuel, wastewater or water storage are perfect solutions for these industries. Metal tanks are not allowed in the ships because of the possibility to cause fire sparks, and fibreglass tanks are way heavier. Usually, tanks are made of PP or PE materials, but it always depends on the specific requirements. 

Aeroplanes usually have pressure requirements; the fabricated thermoplastic lining can be covered with a carbon fibre coating. This is done to withstand the operating pressures and loads in actual operating conditions. This is how a sewage water tank created for the vacuum toilet system of the Airbus or other aeroplane.


It is a unique weight-optimised type - every kilogram is essential. Besides storing the sewage water from toilets, the inside surface of the tanks loaded with chemical cleaning agents and objects that hit the surface with high energy. 

Sport & Leisure 

In wake parks, snow parks and water skiing facilities, users on sliders, kickers, and boxes take things right to the limit. Enjoyment must go hand in hand with safety. Designers need to build in features that are demanding yet at the same time safe. Alongside a safe design without protruding edges and gaps, the surface, in particular, is crucial. It must have excellent slide properties but not cause any stick-slip effects.


We offer solutions that are designed specifically for these requirements. They provide excellent slide properties and are resistant to wear and weathering, enabling you to create safe, long-lasting and user-friendly obstacles. 

Your advantages: 

  • Great enjoyment thanks to excellent slide properties 

  • No stick-slip effects 

  • Long-lasting, hard-wearing 

  • Almost no water absorption 

  • Easy processing allows features in many different forms 

  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to UV and weathering resistance 

Typical areas of application 

  • Water skiing facilities 

  • Wake parks 

  • Snow parks 

Metals Processing 

For the production of cans in the food industry, especially surface treated tin plate is used. The tin plate is dipped in a hot bath with concentrated chromic acid and other additive chemicals for surface treatment. Due to the highly aggressive liquid, adequate corrosion protection of the plant components is necessary. Thanks to ECTFE material, this is possible. We can confirm that ECTFE can withstand these harsh conditions in the chromic acid bath. Tankplasta can make ECTFE plastic storage solution according to your requirements. 

At precious metals processing, copper refining is being carried out by electrolysis in an acid bath containing 15 % sulfuric acid. Further, copper with a purity of 99.9 % is extracted. The process leaves behind a waste solution containing valuable metals, so the answer is directed to a reclamation process.


This second stage is carried out in an evaporator unit. The solution temperature is raised by injection of hot air to about 150 °C / 300 °F, causing the precipitation of nickel sulphate out of the solution. The high temperature also leads to the increase of the sulfuric acid concentration to 70 %. It creates a highly corrosive acid-containing vapour, which needs to be vented. According to clients' specifications, Tankplasta can manufacture PFA plastic ventilation pipes, storage tanks, and other required equipment for these types of applications. 

For copper and silver refineries, reactor vessels for copper hydrometallurgy are needed. Containers usually contain selenium in hydrochloric acid (HCl) at 90 °C as well as sulphur dioxide (SO2) and a low concentration of sulphuric acid (H2SO4). Tankplasta can manufacture ECTFE plastic solutions for these systems in an aggressive environment (corrosion and high temperature) with a 10 – 15 years life expectancy. 

Industry of anodisation and powder coating of aluminium profiles. The surface pre-treatment of aluminium for anodisation and powder coating is done by pickling the metal surface via inorganic acids called pickle liquor. These processes use mainly hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric, chromic, phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid. Operating acids in the basins of this industry are 5 % NaCl and 20 % HNO3 at a temperature of 50 °C. The exhausted air and oleaginous wastewater are usually between 10 °C and 30 °C. This etching process removes the natural oxide layer and impurities such as stains, inorganic contaminants and rust of the aluminium surface from ferrous metals, copper and aluminium alloys.


Due to excellent chemical resistance against inorganic acids, the thermoplastic material is frequently used for pickling processes. PP and PVDF materials are used to manufacture pickling tanks. Piping systems for process control lines made of PP and PVDF and ventilation pipes out of PP, PP-s and PVDF are usually installed. The final refinement within of anodisation process is done via electrolysis. In this process, the attached DL is used for anodising the material within sulphuric or oxalic acid. 

As a consequence top, metallic surfaces become aluminium oxide. Furthermore, the aluminium can also be powder coated, which means that powder lacquer will cover the electrostatically charged material. Then the aluminium profiles are transported to a drier via a rail system to cure the powder. Tankplasta is always ready to provide any custom-made solution from PP and PVDF materials. 

Power Plants 

Tankplasta can produce tanks, ventilation and filters made of PP-H or other material. PP-H ensure proper operation in electric power plants for various acids with a temperature of 60°C or higher. 


Tankplasta is a specialist in making food-grade plastic storage tanks, scrubbers, chimneys, baths, exhaust systems, ducts, ventilation systems from PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA plastic materials supplied by Agru for dairies and other food production facilities. 

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