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Chemical Storage Tanks

Sodium Chloride Solution 

Large quantities of sodium chloride solution are used in many industrial processes within the chemical industry. It is a source of sodium and chlorine compounds used as feedstocks for further chemical syntheses. Since sodium chloride solution is corrosive to stainless steel and other metal alloys, a long-term dual-laminate solution of the thermoplastic liner material FEP (Fluoroethylene-Propylene) used for such applications. The FEP liner material guarantees chemical resistance and leak-tightness against the media. 

FEP, which is a fully fluorinated thermoplastic, offers outstanding chemical resistance. It performs reliably over the enormous temperature range of -190 °C to +205 °C and can be used in numerous industrial applications. Flexibility, thermoformability and optimal welding properties ensure the easy fabrication of tanks and apparatus made from AGRU FEP products. Tankplasta is ready to make an FEP plastic storage solution for sodium chloride. 

Fluoropolymers are also distinguished by their extremely low surface tension and thus their antiadhesive qualities. As a result, fluids pearl off the hydrophobic surface, allowing empty tanks and pipework with a minimum of residues. 

Chemical Storage Tank Drawing

Tankplasta offers the production of custom chemical storage tanks by either:

  • customer's own specifications and drawings of the tanks, which we follow and advise on;

  • after having the initial project briefing, we can provide you with design and specification ideas and drawings;

Chemical Storage Tank

10 % to 40 % Sulphuric Acid Solution 

PP-H (Polypropylene Homopolymer) tanks can be used to store 10 % to 40 % sulphuric acid.  

The storage units can be constructed using PP-H. Sulphuric Acid storage tanks processed according to the customer's needs. 

The tanks can be designed to store a sulphuric acid solution with a mass concentration of 10 % to 40 % with a working temperature of 5 to 70 ° C. The operating pressure is ambient. The tanks can be designed for a service life of 20 years. 

According to project specifications, a tank can have utility holes, nozzles with union flanges, eyelets for slinging, seals, fasteners, and clamps to attach it to the foundation and other accessories. Tankplasta is ready to make PP-H plastic storage tank solution for sulphuric acid. 

PFA Sheets for Corrosion Protection in Semiconductors Industry.

The semiconductor industry is well known for its stringent requirement regarding the purity of water and chemicals. Additionally, these chemicals are often very corrosive.  

For cleaning process equipment in the semiconductor industry, display production and thin-film solar cell production, Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) gas is often used. It is broken down in situ by plasma, and the resulting fluorine atoms are the active cleaning agent. There are different possibilities to produce NF3. 

PFA GGS sheets for electrolytic baths 

For the production of NF3-gas, electrolytic baths are widely used. AGRU PFA glass fabric backed sheets usually applied for lining such electrolytic baths to provide adequate corrosion protection and a long lifetime. 

PFA GGS sheets for ammonium bifluoride 

Ammonium Bifluoride (ABF) is a source to make NF3. By heating ABF up to 150 °C, the NF3-gas is generated. ABF and NF3 are very corrosive, especially at elevated temperatures. To provide adequate corrosion protection, PFA can be installed for lining the tank used for heating ABF at 150 °C. 

PFA has an outstanding chemical resistance up to 260 °C.  

Tankplasta is ready to make a plastic solution for the semiconductor industry according to clients specifications. 

Chromic Acid Baths for Automotive Supply Contractor 

Chromic acid baths can be designed from PVDF sheets, which are used for automotive parts manufacturing. This is a perfect and long-term solution as PVDF material can be used for aggressive chemicals and substitute metal, which is very corrosive. Tankplasta is ready to make PVDF plastic storage tank solution for chromic acid. 

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