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Our Products

Browse a sample selection of the products we created for different companies.

PP Plastic chemical storage tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks 

We offer wide variety of custom-made plastic tanks for chemical storage.

Ultra-High Purity Storage Tanks 

Here you will find everything about your custom water storage needs.

PVDF tank for ultra high purity water CO
PE Wastewater storage tanks

Water & Wastewater Storage Tanks 

Durable design made from PE 100-RC, our acid storage tanks are the best solution for replacing metal containers. 

Plastic Ventilation Systems 

We offer plastic ventilation solutions for swimming pools, metal manufacturing fabrics, and many other industries.

PP plastic ventilation ducts for power plants
PP plastic Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

Storage Systems for RAS

Here you will find plastic solutions for cost-efficient and reliable fish and marine animal breeding.

Lining Solutions from Plastic 

Lining solutions for concrete, steel, fiberglass tanks, containers and other equipment.

FRP chemical storage tank lining process with PP plastic
PP plastic ventilation grills

CNC Milling from Plastic 

Take advantage of our CNC milling machines and create your custom products from PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP or FPA.

Other Plastic Products

We offer the widest variety of different plastic products, such as: Scrubbers, Fuel Storage Tanks, Hot Tubs and Pools, Oil Storage Tanks and many more.


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