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Storage Systems for RAS 

(Recirculation aquaculture systems) 

Aquafarming – Plastics for Cost-efficient and Reliable Fish and Marine Animal Breeding 

Aquafarms are becoming more critical. Overfishing of seas has drastically reduced fish stocks. The world population is growing, and the demand for food is rising. Modern aquafarms help to provide controlled breeding and reproduction of fish and aquatic organisms such as mussels, shrimps and algae. Cost-efficient and reliable breeding requires a lot of know-how, dedication and, above all, efficient systems.


At the same time, breeders must meet high requirements for animal health and food safety. We support you in this task with our plastic storage baths. With a high corrosion resistance and mechanical stability, our storage solutions are a perfect fit for the unique requirements of aquaculture.

They play an essential role in durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective aquafarms around the world. 

In fish farming, a general distinction is made between onshore and offshore fish farms, i.e., fish breeding tanks on land (onshore) and in the sea (offshore). 

Today, many offshore fish farms are supplied with feed pellets from larger cargo vessels. An abrasion- and impact-resistant material has to be used for transporting the pellets from on board the ship to the breeding tanks. PE 100 has excellent abrasion and impact strength. 

Special properties 

  • Ultra-high molecular weight  

  • Very high wear resistance  

  • Very high abrasion resistance  

  • Very high impact resistance 

PE 100 systems are particularly suitable for keeping water on onshore fish farms. Depending on the type of fish, onshore fish breeding tanks are supplied with seawater or freshwater. 

Special properties 

  • UV-stabilised 

  • Excellent processing parameters  

  • High strength and rigidity  

  • Wide range of applications 

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