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Plastic Tanks for the Agriculture, Aquaculture & Farming Industry 

Tankpalsta has perfect solutions for agricultural applications, where most of the solutions presently are made from wood or steel, which absorbs too much water or are susceptible to corrosion. 


Plastic Collection Tanks

Special design PE collections tanks can be used for wastewater, water or any other liquid.


Plastic Water Storage Tanks

PP water storage tanks are widely used in the water purification industry because of their lightweight and easy adjustability.


Plastic Baths for Aquaculture

Plastic baths in the fish breeding industry are widely used because of PP or PE plastic features, which ensures long-lasting life as well as easy transportation if needed.

Agriculture & Farming 

Thermoplastic solutions for agriculture feature high rigidity, low weight, good thermal insulation, resistance to the ammonia contained animal faeces. Products for agriculture are usually made from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). 


  • PE and PP Livestock housing partitions from plastic 

  • PE and PP Air scrubbers from plastic 

  • PE and PP Animal feed silos from plastic 

  • PE and PP Storage/transport vessels from plastic 


Fish farming or aquafarming is becoming more popular, because of fewer fishes to catch in the oceans and seas. Plastic is very beneficial for this industry as the systems are always exposed to water or even salty water, depending on the fish and location. Plastic breeding systems, recirculating aquaculture systems are usually made from the PP and PE plastic in order to protect fish and equipment.


Tankpalsta made fish farming tanks a low maintenance and durable due to their high corrosion resistance and mechanical stability, which allow them to support the farm efficiency. The smooth surface is very easy to clean with common cleaning agents, which helps to maintain high hygiene standards and fish health. For mussel growing rafts called bateas are usually made from PE to avoid corrosion and ensure long lasting solutions in the seas or oceans. 


  • Onshore fish farming plastic storage tanks and tubs for saltwater fish 

  • Onshore fish farming plastic storage tanks and tubs for freshwater fish 

  • Offshore feeding pellets and cargo vessels 

  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)  

  • Transport vessels for farmed fish 

  • Mussel farming 

  • PE Bateas 

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